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On Quietism II

lokâyataśāstrāṇi daṇḍanītiśāstrāṇi kārkhedaśāstrāṇi vādavidyāśāstrāṇi kumārakrīḍāśāstrāṇi jambhakavidyāśāstrāṇi || pe || yāny api tad anyāni kānicin mokṣapratikūlāni śāstrāṇi saṃmohāya saṃvartante tāni sarvāṇi bodhisatvayānasaṃprasthitena parivarjayitavyānîti (Śāntideva, Śikṣāsamuccaya 192). From The Love of All Wisdom: One of the recurring, and more controversial, themes in my … Continue reading

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Reflections on Quietism (Or: Why I Am Not a Liberation Theologian)

I have never been a liberation theologian, but one could perhaps forgive me for occasionally forgetting that fact. When I was an impressionable and idealistic sixteen years old I entered an undergraduate department of philosophy and religion for which all … Continue reading

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